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I never fully understood the meaning of ‘rested’

…till now.

It’s nearly 12, and I’ll get up in six hours and what I truly dread are the hours of sleep in between.


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Your Love Must Be Loud

Usually, declarations of love are always loud – the Dharmendra inspired parar don screams a “Ami chhat theke laphiye porbo bole dicchhi!” to his unrequited love; screen writers make their actors wait at the foot of balconies, at train stations, at temples, and on mountain peaks, waiting to tell their Principal’s daughter/Journalist lover/Best Friend’s wife/Bachendri Pal, respectively just how much they love them. A loud “I Looooooove You” always accompanies the mustard fields and bright red sarees (which flutter in the breeze) as LadyLove approaches her Romeo. The same words echo over and over again in K – serials, accompanied by a deafening sound if the hero confesses his feelings to the conniving, home-breaking vamp ( who smirks during the exchange), or by the shehnai if the 25 year old man tells the 22 year old woman (who then marry).  

Even the nervous stutter so magnificently, that what eventually leads to a rather mild declaration (as he mumbles to LadyLove that he’s done her home work for her, or some such thing), becomes such a production that quite a few knowing grins are exchanged at the end of the ordeal.

And when the caring husband whispers the three words into his dying wife’s ears, the soft words are definitive. And in a movie, they aren’t that soft either.

But at the entrance of Jadavpur University, on a cold and stormy evening, as I waited for a sister who said she was discussing a term paper, I overheard a conversation between a sari clad woman (naekasariwoman or NSW) and a moustached manboy(MoustacheBoy or MB), that directly contradicts my views.

MB: Ei, ami ebar transphar niye Malda chole jabo? Jai?

NSW: Hmph. Jao, na.

MB: Theek acchhe toh?

NSW: Bollam toh. jao na.

MB: Chole Jabo toh?

NSW: Haan, chole ja.

MB: Tui chaash je ami chole jai?

NSW: Na (giggles)

NSW’s friend giggles. MB’s moustache’s volume suddenly increases.

I call up my sister and tell her I’m dying in the car. She comes after ten minutes.

 Translations will be included as soon as I feel like including them.

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This post is not about Dotty The Cat, and I am not a blogger.

I am not a blogger. Which doesn’t contradict the fact that I’m blogging right now. Not everyone who sings is a singer, and not everyone who blogs is a blogger.

I can’t sustain an interest in my own blog. I’m actually extremely interested in it, in bouts. I make it pretty, write some rubbish – well phrased, but pointless – and then I’m done. After a week of doing that, I can’t bear to look at it again.

You know how a lot of diseased bloggers read blogs like maniacs, scattering blogposts with random, uninteresting, and generic praise. I can’t do that either.

I’ve read a lot of BadBlogs (BBs). There are many different kinds of BBs. The ones I come across most frequently, are designed by thesaurus-wielding machines, with long pieces on how beautiful the moon looks through the redwood trees (when clearly, the author has never bothered to notice either), references to the Fauvist movement, perhaps, talking only of Matisse (the only Fauvist they know), deep reflections on childhood experiences, on love, and on betrayal. Not just regualar experiences. Deep experiences. Not just regular betrayal -betrayal that has Deep connotations. Deep. Keyword. Very Very Important. For these blogs, you MUST notice how beautifully the article is written, ignore the grammatical errors – grammar doesn’t matter when you write prose that beautifully. Besides, it’s difficult for the BadBlogger to figure out what MSWord is telling him/her to do when that green squiggly line appears under every other sentence. So the course of action is to open up that comment box, and since you have no self respect, you must write, “DAt wAs AwEsoME mAN! I cUd NEva RiTe lYk DaT.” OR “Killa shit, dude. That’s deeeep.”

But that’s not the only kind of BB.

The second of the BB is the black and pink blog. Something very cute, yet, not so cute, and basically, a little nauseating. Usually, it’ll be called,, or, or (I haven’t read wordpress or blogger blogs by those names, so if anyone I know owns these blogs, I shall be suitably disturbed.) ozonebaby does sound like that too. But it’s not black and pink. It’s not a brilliant blog either, but that’s not the point. I hate cute blogs. I usually don’t like their writers either.

Then of course, The RandBlogs. Baap Re Baap.

Why would you write a post that reads, say:

La la

I have no life

I am sad

Damn. Chocolate Ice Cream.


fuck u


I don’t think I’m going to ridicule that. It ridicules itself.

The blogs that  I did/do like include Sam’s blog. All his posts were well construsted, and were fun reads. Not always informative (he wrote on the MITadmissions blogs), but always entertaining. The other blogs I lke are tech blogs, and I like them for totally different reasons. Besides, people actually spend good money on those, so they make up a different category of blogs, really. Also, CNN political ticker. Aha. 🙂

Now, I know this post is pretty judgemental. It focuses on my rather rigid opinion of some blogs, whose owners I usually don’t know. Perhaps, if I knew them, I’d be a little more tolerant of their blogpuke. I hope not, though. Also, there may be people that are DEEP ( with a capital D and an even more capital EEP). If so, they desperately need to become a little shallow. Last diss-claimer, for the generic praises – a blog does, to an extent, work like a network, and the strength of every network, is the number of active users – which is why there are more new users on facebook, than on bingbox, every day. Moreover, every comment, is a link. Therefore, to strengthen your own network, you keep leaving useless comments on every damn post of every damn blog. I particularly dislike a particular blogger whom I don’t know, for this, particularly. Virus comments work in the same way, only more effectively. Give dummies a link, and boy, will they triple click it!

I’m done.

Go read about Dotty the Cat on Google News. Freaky but cute story.

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WordPress TimeWarp

WordPress says I posted ‘Spidey The Spider Learns To Spy’ on March 26th, 2008, and Sahana posted ‘This Is Why We Must Go To School’ on March 24th, 2008.

But it’s not the 27th of March today dammit! It’s the 4th, which means I still have 9 days to go before my examinations get over. If it was the 27th, I’d be frolicking. Whereas, now, I have to sit for 3 hr papers every morning!

Depressing thought.

Even the wordpress stats page knows it’s the 4th…Wordpress is being a self-contradictory mule…

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Spidey The Spider Learns To Spy (On Zulf, The Wolf)







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I shall start with the credits…

meanie2.jpgmeanie2.jpgmeanie-1.jpgI deactivated my facebook profile for good yesterday, not realising that our most treasured piece of artwork/literature was going to die with it. However, I realised that we could not deprive the World Wide Web of our talent. So I’ll put the two ‘books’ written during double Maths and Physics up on this blog.

These two tales were collectively concocted by the minds of Sreeja Gupta, Sahana Srinivasan and Aditi Roy. Illustrations are by Sreeja (85%), Sahana (10%), and Aditi(5%).

Now read.


meanie2.jpg meanie3.jpg




I’ll put the next one up too. Have fun 😀

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Reeti loves kids


I have a sister called Reeti. She loves kids. She likes the Teletubbies ™ sun. Personally, it freaks me out. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make here.

March 1, 2008 at 4:36 am 3 comments

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